Hawai’i Bowl? meh.

Not the bowl I would have picked. Sure, it makes sense if we were trying to pick a bowl we can [finally] win, and it makes sense from a recruiting standpoint, but seriously? Christmas Eve? Argh. I plan on going to a 4PM Christmas Eve Mass, so I can still watch the game at 8, but I know many will have problems watching the game while fulfilling family obligations like Christmas Eve Mass.

Furthermore, the poor team! They barely finish finals and then they have to rush off to Hawai’i, missing out on extra practice time from a later bowl game. They won’t be with their families on Christmas Eve, and I guess they will be travelling back on Christmas? That’s a long sucky flight to have to make on Christmas Day. Coaches, managers, cheerleaders- all will be away from their families at Christmas.

Finally, I’m just a little bit resentful that they picked a bowl I won’t be able to travel to. Maybe some Irish alums can plunk down the cash for the flight to Hawai’i, but I know most students won’t be able to make the trip. When we were originally looking at the Gator Bowl (before Syracuse…) I was so excited that I would be able to go to a bowl game for the first time. I didn’t go to any away games this year, so I felt justified in the expense. Even when our hopes shifted to the Sun Bowl, Joey and I still contemplated ways of attending. No hope now. Oh well.

Maybe I’m taking this so hard because our awesome women’s soccer team lost the national championship yesterday. They were tied until 2 minutes left when UNC scored the winning goal. Argh. Our team deserved it more- they have been the most talented team on campus this season. Hopefully we’ll keep up the good work next year.



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3 responses to “Hawai’i Bowl? meh.

  1. You make me laugh because around the Johnson household there is Extreme Bowl Dissatisfaction Syndrome as well. Our happy drum major would gladly exchange the Peach Bowl held in beautiful downtown Atlanta for any other Bowl Game anywhere in the world. Bitterness abounds. She was hoping for an opportunity to see more of our lovely country, as she has travelled to Jacksonville and Boise in previous years (and the band is very well taken care of–)I don’t think she would have had ANY regrets going to Hawaii (please note that I refrained from the affectation of throwing that apostrophe into the name of the state. I know–I know, you better show off your incredible education–MY hawaii is plain as my pathetic school–F.I.Who?) No bowl games for us….BAHAHAHAHA

  2. bronzedshoe

    Well, she would still be bummed if our bands switched places- ND isn’t taking the band to Hawai’i. Something about saving money in hard times.

  3. Mom

    As dear Mom and Dad are on-call and the office is open on Christmas Eve (so the employees can have the day after Christmas off – sounds like the British invasion to me that we are honoring Boxing Day but it is more that people want a long weekend), we are actually thinking of going to Mass on Christmas morning – just don’t want to be rushed for celebrating the birth of Christ.

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