Not broccoli OR a brain!

Harrumph. My trio of loyal readers all misunderstood the previous header image. It was an image of a treetop from one of my favorite wallpapers by Vladstudio.



I have grumpily replaced the image with another favorite, still from Vlad’s work. This, everyone, is a tree sillouhetted by the moon. Good grief.

Haha, it just occurred to me that my 3 readers are something like the Fates. All three are good friends, female, and at least one has a hand in my destiny, seeing as she’s my mother. Mom, I guess you would be the short one.

Uh-oh, I think my readership just dropped from 3 to 0. I love you!



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2 responses to “Not broccoli OR a brain!

  1. I liked the brain, um, tree, but this one is pretty exquisite, too.

    Wondering if I dare (in my presumption of being one of the three) to ask if I am the tall bitter one, since I’m clearly not a redhead.

  2. bronzedshoe

    I agree, the tall one does bear a certain resemblance to you, my dear Maria 😉

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