Heard at my all-female dorm mass tonight:

“There might be future presidents in this room tonight. If Hillary can do it, you can too!”

The homilist was a Haitian priest, so I’m going to hope he didn’t know the cultural implications of that statement beyond the fact that a woman is running for president, but did you ever think you’d hear a priest support Hillary during a [Notre Dame] Mass?



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5 responses to “Wow

  1. Bego

    I just threw up in my mouth.

  2. Random Esquire

    I don’t suppose you know if Joe Ross is still rector of Morrisey? He used to actually use a pen on the bible and cross out every reference to “Him” when referring to God and replace it with “God.” He would have praised Hillary, I imagine.

    Just found your blog – ND Alum here. Hope the finals went well!


  3. Laura

    Hm, don’t know the rector of Morrissey, but is replacing Him with God such a bad thing? Besides the whole editing the Bible part, I mean. I’m not sure I understand why that would mean he would like Hillary.

    Anyway, welcome! Always nice to meet another Domer! 🙂

  4. Random Esquire

    I just re-read my comment and realized that I described what he did but didn’t actually make it clear that I thought he was great for doing it. 🙂 So, no, it wasn’t a bad thing at all. I thought he was brilliant. It was that kind of open mind and free spirit that made me think he might break ranks with conservatives and vote Hillary.

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Laura

    Ah, gotcha. Thanks for the clarification 🙂

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