I’m an INFJ (Introverted Intuitive Feeling Judging). According to wikipedia, this type is only 2% of the population. I feel special.
Yay for wasting time when I should be Getting Things Done.



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6 responses to “Exciting

  1. Bego

    I turned out to be a “Healer” with INFP. That one occurs in 1% of the population, according to Keirsey.

    I think, however, on a given day that I might turn out to be something else. Introverted and Inuitive dominated, so I guess ultimately that makes me a loner. Still, I can be a loudmouth and very extroverted. Only. Maybe that’s an act.

    I’ll try again tomorrow and see where my psychosis takes me.

    Meanwhile, thanks for giving me something to waste my time on. I’ve got grading to do.

  2. Laura

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure I got a different type when I took a similar test back in high school, and another type back in middle school. It would be fun to take it once a month for a while and see how it changes…

  3. Urthstripe

    I got INFP as well. Somehow….I think that just may depend on my mood for the day.

  4. Goldiefish

    ENFJ yet again. Teacher is the realm for me so it says. Or Psychologist. 78% extravert – what a surprise! Not.

    Thanks for the link to take the quiz. It was a fun diversion.

  5. Laura

    so surprising, linda 🙂

  6. regalo1225

    I’m procrastinating, so just wanted to let ya know I’m an INFJ too. Reading about what you’re supposed to be like is pretty entertaining 🙂

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