Athens, here I come

Now that I’ve moved from indecision to passion about the whole study abroad thing, there are SO MANY hurdles to jump through. I have asked for (and received) two professor recommendations, approval from the Arts and Letters department and the Political Science department, and a rector recommendation. All I have left in that regard is a peace studies appointment next week so I can log their approval too. This is all in addition to my application, which is sorta done but needs to be tweaked. My essay needs a lot of work. After so much effort, I had better get accepted, because now I’m excited. Darn it. I really want to go.

Good grief, I have so much writing to get done this weekend. Let’s count:

  1. Study abroad app essay
  2. Grant proposal draft for funding so I can go to Germany, etc next semester
  3. I need to FINALLY finish my Guatemala paper. The problem with thorough outlines is I entirely lose patience when it comes to writing the paper. Ick.
  4. Outline of Veritatis Splendor (the encyclical)
  5. Take home essay test for my nonviolence class

That was depressing. Um, yay for weekends…



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2 responses to “Athens, here I come

  1. Bego

    I need to write a check for the mortgage payment. Then, I have to write a check for the utilities. Then, I have to write a check for the cell phones. Oh, and I have to send a check to the credit card companies.

    Wanna switch writing assignments?

  2. Bego

    BTW, you’ll never regret the study abroad thing. Go for it! and good luck.

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