Committments thus far this semester

Subtitle: Not to impress anyone, but so I can look back on my insane self and laugh.

  • 5 classes, plus P.E. (none are only freshman now. all were last semester. I just launched myself into real college classes)
  • Take Ten- working in a local community learning center to teach violence-prevention and conflict-resolution techniques.
  • Latin dancing class with Joseph.
  • Freshman Peer Leaders Small Group (and occaisionally Big Group), Right to Life, Peace Fellowship, Four:7, and maybe Amnesty.
  • Working 3 hours/ week in the music department, plus weekend events.
  • Guitar II- an extra expense, but if I don’t continue now, I’ll lose what I’ve learned on the instrument all over again, and I WILL NOT take Guitar I again. Ew.
  • Maybe photographing for Scholastic?
  • And of course basketball games, hockey games, Chicago trips, and everything else that comes with being a ND student.
  • Maybe I should make time for Joey and friends, too.

I’m scared and excited.



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2 responses to “Committments thus far this semester

  1. Goldiefish

    No fear, but lots of caffeine…I mean sleep, lots of good for you sleep and well balanced meals and… no I meant caffeine. Sounds like you’re going to have a ball! Latin dance classes huh?

  2. Michelle

    Dance, guitar and Amnesty???? You are really living the life! Enjoy!!!

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